Video Marketing

Including video on a landing page increases conversions by 86% (Eyeviewdigital). Video’s extraordinary growth and popularity online offers great opportunity for brands to engage and add value. Video ads have highest click through rate (CTR) of all digital ad formats.

Video Marketing Strategy

Confirm VM objectives. Analyse audience and VM purpose. Craft visual messages (e.g. brand awareness ads, how-to tutorials, testimonials, demonstrations etc.). Determine tactics and channels (e.g. on-camera, livestreams, screen casts, animations, etc.). Plan content production and promotion.

Video Production

Pre-production including scriptwriting, storyboarding, short-listing, location scouting, talent and crew selection. Production including filming and voice recording. Post production including editing, special effects, animation, music and final edit, grade mix and mastering.

Video Campaign Delivery

Design and develop video hosting pages (e.g. landing pages, blog posts, etc.). Set-up hosting channel/environment and ad platform (e.g. YouTube TV channel and Adwords for Video). Upload video content. Promote video content. Execute, track and refine video marketing campaign.

Video Marketing Reporting

Identify reporting Video Marketing KPI’s (e.g. views, plays, social shares, completions, CTR, etc.) based on business and marketing strategy objectives. Report and assess video campaign performance and ROI. Identify areas for improvement and tailor approach.

✓     Mobile Friendly
✓     Improve SEO
✓     Promote Social Shares
✓     Improve Click Through Rates
✓     Increased Leads & Sales