Customer & Market Analysis

By 2020, customer experience (CX) will be the key brand differentiator (Walker Study). Customers are increasingly demanding more personalized and responsive services through their preferred channels. Successful digital marketing starts with understanding the business, customer and competitive landscape.

Business Analysis

Analyze your business - understand the business environment, direction, goals and needs. Assess your target markets. Assess the current status of digital marketing. Identify and evaluate digital marketing opportunities and requirements.

Customer Analysis

Analyze your customers - who they are, their wants and needs, how they use your products/services, etc. Techniques used include customer segmentation, customer profiling, persona development, customer “journey” mapping, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze your competition - who they are, their position in the market, their current digital strategies and tactics. Assess relative strengths and weaknesses. Review potential scenarios to identify competitive opportunities.

✓     Business Goals & Needs
✓     Customer Goals & Requirements
✓     Competitor Positioning & Strategies
✓     Input to Support Digital Marketing Success