Digital Transformation (DX)

Leverage current and emerging digital technologies to fundamentally improve your business performance and increase the value delivered to your customers. Digital Transformation is not a technology play but requires an enterprise-wide cultural shift to change the status quo.

Programme & Project Management

Deliver digital solution initiatives that consistently meet quality expectations, on-time and on-budget. Effective program and project management is the cornerstone of successful delivery. Deploying experienced program and project management resources and utilizing industry leading methodologies and practices, such as Prince II, PMBOK and MSP, are key ingredients for overall success.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Develop architecture that delivers the best possible solution. Proving a pragmatic response to the elicited requirements and stakeholder concerns. Architectures serves as the primary reference for understanding the solution components to guide execution. Outputs range from program blueprints, domain architecture through to solution architecture.

Business Analysis

Analyze the business environment and its context as an input to solution development. Effective business analysis is essential to understand the business, its customers and competitors. Various business requirement elicitation techniques are employed including, interviews, brainstorming, workshops, focus groups, etc. These techniques are augmented with other analysis activities including, MoSCoW, 5 Whys, etc.

Solution Development

Solution development includes specialist development skills and capabilities necessary to deliver specific point solutions that align the businesses' digital strategy. Based on the broad range of potential solutions that could be addressed in this space, the service is provided in partnership with selected on and off-shore service providers. This enables us to deliver a tailored and optimized development capability.

✓     Improve Delivery Quality
✓     Improve Delivery Efficiency
✓     Improve Delivery Timeframe
✓     Increase Solution Satisfaction
✓     Reduce Delivery Risk