Digital Analytics

In today’s mobile, multi-device and multi-channel world, digital analytics provides a holistic integrated view of customer engagement and digital channel performance.

Digital analytics encompasses the collection, analysis, measurement, visualisation and interpretation of digital channel data across website, social platforms, etc. to provide real-time insight and optimise business decisions.

Digital Analytics Strategy

The Digital Analytics Strategy optimizes use of digital channel information to improve business performance and increase value.

Key inputs include an understanding of business direction and goals, customer needs, market and competitor dynamics, key performance metrics and associated digital analytics requirements.

The inputs are assessed against the current and envisioned future state landscapes with supporting high-level architectures being developed to identify the strategic gaps.

Strategic, tactical and operational initiatives and investments are defined in the roadmap to support business-as-usual and longer-term capability development.

Digital Analytics Implementation

Digital Analytics implementation incorporates various services to implement a range of analytics platforms and solutions.

Implementation covers leading web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Google 360 solutions as well as a range of social media analytics solutions including, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.

In addition, best of breed 3rd party solutions can be evaluated and implemented to address specific requirements.

Multi-channel data integration services are also delivered to integrate disparate data sources and provide holistic analytics and reporting.

Digital Analytics Optimisation

Digital Analytics Optimization improves existing capability based on the business and analytics strategies, priorities and pain-points.

Optimization activities are guided by a maturity diagnostic to assess relative levels of maturity identifying areas for focus and improvement. Optimization activities aim to address people, process and technology dimensions to deliver sustainable results.

Optimization improvements track both capability and overall business performance impacts.

Digital Analytics Training

Digital Analytics Training provides ongoing training and coaching on leading analytics platforms and solutions.

Training covers a range of solutions including Google Analytics and various social media analytic platforms including, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.

Training can be tailored to specific business needs and client requirements.

✓     Improve Channel Analysis
✓     Increase Actionable Insight
✓     Improve Decision Making
✓     Improve Feedback Loops
✓     Improve Business Value