Web Design & Development

48% of responders say that a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business (Twitter). Attract and delight customers with a professional website that delivers value to your business and customers while promoting your brand.

Web Design

Beautiful design that works, using leading Design Thinking, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design approaches.

Our user-centric design approach aims at developing a deeper understanding of the customer and their engagement with a brand. Building empathy by stepping into the customer's shoes to understand their personas, needs and wants, experiences, workflow, journeys, etc. In parallel, a key focus on understanding the goals of the business and assessing the value proposition 'sweet spot'.

Our design process is iterative and includes progressive elaboration at different levels of detail, from high-level concept through to detailed prototype and sign-off. Each step involves developing a core set of outputs that accurately describe elements of the website's design, including functional specifications, concept sketches, site maps, taxonomies, wire-frames, mock-ups, prototypes, usability tests, etc.

Client engagement and involvement is important for a successful design outcome, so we actively promote an open and collaborative working style with sign-off approvals at key milestones.

Web Development

Professional and cost-effective web development using industry standards and the latest web technologies.

Our agile development approach leverages accelerators and frameworks to optimize development time and effort. Our approach focuses on the essential, core set of outputs to promote lean efficient delivery. Our development methods are also scaleabale catering for a range of website types - from small business to larger corporate websites and levels of complexity - from basic websites through to more complex web applications.

All development activities are underpinned by a focus on quality to ensure delivery meets expectations, adheres to the design and addresses customer requirements. Our in-house website development capability is augmented by strategic partnerships with selected off-shore service providers enabling us to deliver an optimized mix of on and off-shore development capability.

The design and development process culminates in post go-live client sign-off and hand over to maintenance and support for ongoing website operation and optimization.

Website Design & Development Scope

Our design and development services cater for a range of website types and levels of complexity.

Small Business

Basic websites developed for small
businesses or start-ups. Aiming to establish a professional online presence. Enabling ongoing growth and extension as the business needs become more complex.

Corporate Website

Larger websites that are more complex, dynamic and customised. Developed in collaboration with key business stakeholders using a range of platforms and technologies that best suit the requirement.


Content Management System based websites provide a set of out-of-the-box capabilities. The platform approach enables faster deployment and easier maintenance with reduced technical complexity.

eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites that provides a unified platform to manage core business processes like selling of your products and services and back-end functions of customer order management and payment processing.

Web Application

Custom web applications developed based on the specific
business needs. Agile approaches adopted to streamline delivery. Industry standard web technologies deployed to reduce risk.

Website Redesign

Over time websites can become outdated and their value eroded. We’ll conduct a site review to determine the website's current status, identify what is and isn’t working and what the options are to improve it.

Static Websites

The most basic type of website that is the easiest to build but is also limited in its capability. It involves publishing the same content static page to every viewer. Each of these pages are updated manually by the webmaster.

Dynamic Websites

These include dynamic pages with changing content based on parameters, e.g. user type, time, geography, etc. Dynamic websites use client or server-side scripting with Javascript, PHP, ASP, etc. and access data from a database.

Custom Websites

Designed and developed from the ground-up based on your specific business needs. Custom sites stand out from the crowd and are able to provide bespoke functions and features not available with template driven approaches.

Mobile & Responsive Websites

Over 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly, responsive site is now essential. Responsive websites adjust their content to render correctly across a range of mobile devices and screen sizes.

Website Design & Development Steps

Our tailored design and development approach delivers a quality website to meet expectations, on-time and on-budget. The 12 step approach is based on leading user-centric practices and includes multiple client engagement and validation milestones.

Web Design Chart

✓     Improve Business Alignment
✓     Improve Customer Value
✓     Improve User Experience
✓     Improve Website Delivery Process
✓     Improve Digital Channel Effectiveness