Content Marketing

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing and costs 62% less (DemandMetric). It’s a cliché but “Content is really King!” Without valuable content there is very little to optimize, share or attract your audience.

Content Strategy

Create customer personas, empathy and journey maps. Assess customers' content and value needs. Analyze competitors content. Develop content action plan. Determine platforms and channels for publishing and promotion.

Content Audit

Confirm audit goals and KPIs. Create content inventory. Analyze content performance e.g. traffic, links, social shares, etc. Identify content priorities and gaps. Develop content audit report. Update content strategy and action plan.

Content Creation

Execute content marketing action plan. Create high-value, shareable content that speak to your audience. Develop compelling content across relevant formats that excites, informs and attracts visitors and customers.

Content Management

Mange the lifeblood of the site by effectively storing, maintaining and publishing content. Implement and improve the Content Management System (CMS) to optimize the content lifecycle.

Content Promotion & Distribution

Promote and distribute high-value content to ensure it's not the best kept secret. Carry out proactive, coordinated personal outreach and PR activities to drive awareness and appreciation of value.

Content Marketing Tracking & Analysis

Track, analyze and report performance of the site’s content and specific content marketing campaigns. Incorporate improvements based on analysis and feedback.

✓     Deliver Tangible Customer Value
✓     Build Website Authority & Trust
✓     Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty
✓     Increase Traffic – Referrals, Social & Search
✓     Increase Conversions & Sales