Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be the “king” of digital marketing channels. 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter (McKinsey). Deliver a personalised, high click rate email campaign that builds your brand and generates sales.

Email Marketing Strategy

Understand the business and customer goals as well as competitor landscape. Confirm email marketing objectives. Review email list maintenance, acquisition and retention strategies. Plan email campaigns, target customer segments, messages and content.

Email Campaign Creation

Provide both self and fully-managed email campaign services. Develop template and bespoke customer-centric email campaigns- welcome emails, landing pages, promotions, etc. Utilise multi-channel integration and A/B testing approaches.

Email Distribution & Tracking

Perform one-off and automated email distribution and tracking. Execute event driven customer journey automation - including, welcomes, reminders, offer emails. Track key metrics such as email open, click and sharing rates, etc.

Email Marketing Reporting

Identify reporting KPI’s based on business and email marketing strategy objectives. Report and assess email campaign performance and ROI. Identify and implement areas for improvement and tailor approach.

✓     Increase Engagement
✓     Improve Customer Relationships
✓     Increase Leads, Conversion and Sales
✓     Improve Marketing ROI
✓     Track Results