Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

65% of people click on Google Ads when looking to buy an item online (WordStream). Deliver tailored pay-per-click (PPC) ads to your target audience when they search for the keywords you’ve selected, at no cost till clicked. With PPC ads you can control what you spend per ad click as well as for the campaign overall.

Market & Customer Analysis

Analyse the target market SEM strategies and tactics. What works, what doesn't and what are competitors doing? Analyse customers to understand SEM’s potential effectiveness. Plan SEM strategy to take advantage of opportunities.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Assess customers search intent. Identity “positive” and “negative” keywords to target in your SEM campaign. Analyse target keyword statistics (volume, potential traffic, etc.). Define bid and budget threshold values and potential ROI.

Campaign Management

Set-up SEM campaigns, ads, bid and budget values. Develop tailored SEM ad copy based on customer context. Refine call-to-actions on your landing pages. Manage and amend the campaigns based on feedback and results.

SEM Tracking & Analysis

Identify SEM audience segments and reporting KPI’s to track campaigns. Monitor SEM dashboards and reports against expectations and ROI targets. Analyse performance and address SEM effectiveness issues.

✓     Rapid Set-up & Execution
✓     Targeted Audience & Messaging
✓     Build Brand Awareness
✓     Generate Leads & Sales
✓     Track Return on Investment